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Stand Up Paddleboarding in Qatar

Another gem of a paddleboarding zone, Stand Up Paddleboarding in Qatar has grown in popularity. More spots have been opened up recently. The waters are generally sheltered or relatively calm. Most of the venues are perfectly suited to novices and those wishing to find their feet, so to speak.It gets warm in Qatar, so if […]

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Stand Up Paddleboarding Kuwait

Kuwait’s shorelines are ideal for Stand Up Paddleboarding, with large stretches of shallow water, wind-protected corners, and a few sandy beaches with minimal rocks. The sport has grown steadily over the last few years and has become more popular as some beginner equipment prices have dropped.It is a fun and alternative fitness method, with more

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Stand Up Paddleboarding Saudi

The majority of the Saudi Arabian coastline is suitable for StandUp Paddleboarding. With so many people taking to the sport and other water sports, more areas are being explored. With flat oceans and often windless days, Stand Up Paddleboarding is a sport and a past-time suited to Saudi as a core exercise work-out, as well

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Stand Up Paddleboarding in Oman

Oman has impressive beaches and locations for Stand Up Paddleboarding. The sport is widespread, and some of the venues get quite busy, but never crowded. There is always lots of room to move. Most of the venues are also suitable for beginners due to the mild conditions and prevailing shallow water. Shatti Beach is where

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F-One Foil Mediterranean Teaser

F-One have released a short teaser video showing the foil team testing out the latest gear in some stormy Mediterranean Conditions. ???? Robin Christol The Mediterranean F-One foil testing video shows Raphael Salles, Micka Fernandez, Julien Salles and Vincent Scheffer playing in a decent sized swell on the Swing, and cutting off the power to

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What to look for when buying a SUP board

Q&A session with John Hibbard from Red Paddle Co. Red Paddle Co. Brings us yet again an exceptional collection of Inflatable SUP boards. The brand has been an industry leader and introduced many innovations, making inflatable boards serious competitors to the rigid stand-up paddleboards. On May the 21st Red Paddle Co. questioned John Hibbard

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