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Stand Up Paddleboarding Saudi

The majority of the Saudi Arabian coastline is suitable for StandUp Paddleboarding. With so many people taking to the sport and other water sports, more areas are being explored.

With flat oceans and often windless days, Stand Up Paddleboarding is a sport and a past-time suited to Saudi as a core exercise work-out, as well as loads of fun. There are plentyof locations to get going on you Stand Up Paddleboard along the entire coast, and the Red Sea is an excellent option.


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One thing that Saudi Arabia is not short of and that is coastline. Still, Jeddah is one of the most popular of the Stand Up Paddleboarding venues, and they have a very cool option for the sport.

While Stand Up Paddleboarding is precisely as the name implies, standing up on a paddleboard, there are variants to thegame. In Jeddah, there is Stand Up Paddleboard Pilates classes,which have proven to be extremely popular.

For this activity, a larger Stand Up Paddleboard is utilized. It is more stable and has more balance than a regular board. However, it still requires balance, and the subtle balance requirements combined with a full Pilates class is enough to geteven the fittest people sweating. It is a cool derivative, but the regular Stand Up Paddleboarding takes place alongside as well.

Half Moon Bay

This popular location is actually a lagoon, which means that there are hundreds of meters of shallow water that extends to kilometers in length. The bonus of this location is that it is ideal for learning and also for self-rescue should you need it, but the disadvantage is that there is debris in the water, especially at low tide. It has excellent winds, so just watch out for the odd rock.

Mousad’s Bay

This is another popular spot, with consistent winds and room to move. It has soft white sand, is always uncrowded and is totallysaf.

Board Types

Video credit: Andrew Schinsky

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Jeddah and in most of Saudi is also conducive to inflatable boards, and is all very user-friendly. There are no waves, there are minimal currents, and sometimes the wind forgets to blow for weeks. It is an excellentplace for beginners to learn and understand the sport. It is also very welcoming to slightly more advanced Stand-Up Paddleboarders.




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