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Energy-saving, safe, fun, durable and easy to travel with – Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards are here to stay.

Inflatable SUP’s were somewhat of a novelty when they first arrived on the scene. Still, over the years, their relevance and popularity have increased. So much that they are the starting point for anyone wishing to begin the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Fit your stand up paddle board in the trunk of your car. SUP Dubai has a selection of inflatable standup paddle boards that are great for traveling, easy to store, easy to transport and are impact resistant. Take your inflatable SUP boards on all your journeys.
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Inflatable SUP Popularity Reasons:

It is easy to balance on an inflatable SUP. An inflatable also results in less contact pressure, which ultimately means that there is less energy expended from balancing. This makes it less tiring to use. 

An inflatable SUP is soft and accommodating, and there is literally nothing to fear when using it. The board is forgiving, which translates to you quickly picking up skills and rapidly progressing with skills learned.  

An inflatable SUP is more durable than a standard hardboard and does not ding easily with contact with rocks. It also does not puncture easily if dropped or accidentally mishandled. It is the user-friendly, gentle and inviting version of your standard SUP. 

Inflatable SUP’s take up less storage space than the standard hardboards. It used to be that the rigid boards delivered greater performance, drive and maneuverability. Still, the gap has been narrowed, and some inflatables are now high-performance machines favoured by skilled riders. At the end of the day, however, an inflatable can be deflated and stored easily, especially when storage space is minimal. 

An inflatable SUP can travel efficiently and is accepted as luggage when fitted into a bag. 

When buying an inflatable SUP, particularly if it is your first, it is recommended to do your research, and find a suitable package. This should include a backpack for the deflated board, a pump and a paddle.