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F-One Gravity Fct 2200




The foils of the Gravity line are designed to provide a solid lift with a smooth take-off and great carving potential. Right in the line of its best-selling carbon sibling, this new Gravity is the ideal foil to get started and progress in wing-foiling and surf-foiling.

  • Smooth take-off
  • Stability and lift
  • Easy to turn

Area: 2200 cm²
Span: 110 cm
Aspect Ratio: 5.5
Weight: 2.2 kg
Alu Fuselage: 74 Surf


ALU MAST 45 > 95 cm
The F-ONE aluminium mast can be used for all disciplines, kite, surf, stand up paddle, wing foil and windsurf. The profile is extruded with precision from 6063 aluminium block.

The shape of its section benefits from our years of experience in kitefoiling to provide the best gliding feel while keeping the strength up and the weight down.

It comes with two stainless steel helicoil inserts at the bottom and at the top to fasten the connecting parts and is therefore fully modular.

The aluminium mast can be used on every foil of the range and it is very easy to jump from one length to another (45 / 55 / 65 / 75 / 85 / 95 cm).

A number of parts are available for board connection (Plate, KF, Deep KF, Tuttle).

Sizes recommended:

45 > 95 KITEFOIL
55 > 75 SURF / SUP FOIL
65 > 75 WING FOIL
75 > 85 WIND FOIL

STAB IC6 300
Versatile and progressive, the IC6 300 stabilizer is the perfect match for the IC6 950 front wing.

Equipped with generous winglets, the stabilizer blade offers fantastic control with enough surface area to provide full confidence in all situations.

Built with the IC6 technology, it is very durable and designed to be securely mounted on F-ONE fuselages, its profile and angle of incidence were tuned to achieve a very intuitive balance which will help you get your foiling maneuvers in more easily.



Alu fuselage 74 SURF

Ideal stability

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Weight 0.6 kg






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