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Stand Up Paddleboarding Kuwait

Kuwait’s shorelines are ideal for Stand Up Paddleboarding, with large stretches of shallow water, wind-protected corners, and a few sandy beaches with minimal rocks. The sport has grown steadily over the last few years and has become more popular as some beginner equipment prices have dropped.
It is a fun and alternative fitness method, with more and more people getting involved and a steady family movement to Stand Up Paddleboarding sessions together.

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Mc D’s Beach

It can get a little choppy for Stand Up Paddleboarding, especially when the southeasterly is up, but on the whole Mc D’s Beach is idyllic for long paddles and for beginners.
There is sometimes pollution which can be a problem. The summer months of June- September can get a bit warm for any exercise, even on the water. Daily temperatures get into the 50 degrees C, so one of the biggest problems is the sand getting too hot and making the beach too hot to go on. Most of the summer, in fact, is a bit too extreme to really enjoy the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Power Plant Beach

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Not the best sounding name for a beach, but Power Plant Beachactually has a lot of positivity going on, especially for the Stand Up Paddleboarder. The beach has been known to get a few littlewaves as well when the onshore is blowing. Despite the name, Power Plant Beach has minimal pollution, and the ocean is flat when the onshore doesn’t blow.
As with most beaches in Kuwait, the temperatures reach 50 degrees C in summer, and the beaches and sand become too hot to venture out. This beach is well suited for beginners, and those Stand Up paddleboarders that want a bit of extra exercise.

Open Eye Creek

Clean and flat, with no pollution and very little wind, Open Eye Creek is a destination designed for the beginner Stand Up Paddleboarder. There is a wealth of space to move, and no chance of collisions or accidents of any sort. The summer months can get unbearable, but in winter all you need is a 2mm shorty to stave off the wind chill. The prevailing winds arefrom the north, but they never seem to really chop up the surface too much. Enjoy some cruisey time in shallow water here.

Zour Beach

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Out of all the peaceful beaches and Stand Up Paddleboarding spots in Kuwait, Zour Beach is the only one that has any sort of wildness. Even then, it would be challenging to call it an extreme kind of place. It just does have some weather and more. It can get waves when the onshore howls through, and there are both cliffs and pollution gathering in crannies. The best thing about Zour Beach is that there is just so much space to do your thing, to get away from everyone and practice your Stand Up Paddleboarding skills.




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