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Starboard is one of the most trusted watersports’ brands on the market. Their passion for watersports is not only seen in the brand symbol Tiki- the god-king of water and waves, but also in the exceptional design and the performance of their products. The well known Windsurfing brand have launched their first Paddle Boards in 2006.
Working with designers that come from highly specialised backgrounds, like Nautical Architecture, allows Starboard to put a lot of technical expertise in the design and production process of the boards. The wooden Starboard boards are reinforced with a layer of glass under the wood and coated with PVC for UV protection. The full Sandwich Carbon boards are virtually indestructible and save up to 3kg of the board weight.
Starboard was the first board at the podium of the very first Paddle World Cup. Since then Starboards products have taken over the podiums of competitions like Bilbao World SUP Challenge and Harry’s Paddle. The brand is proudly represented by the pro SUPers, including Trevor Tunnington, Beau O’Brian, Titouan Puyo, Connor Baxer and Leonard Nika
Although Starboard helped to shape some of the world champions, they thrive to support Stand-up paddlers on all levels. With the wide range of solid stand-up paddle boards and inflatable SUPs, Starboard has something to offer to everybody, whatever the discipline. From raceboards, through fishing boards, to yoga SUPs, Starboard has a product for wave riding, sprint, cruising and fitness. is the leading Starboard dealer based in Dubai and shipping worldwide.

Shop online for Starboard SUPs, including, All Star, Hyper Nut, Whopper, Wide Point, Pro, Elite Touring, Race, Converse, Fisherman, Freeride XL, Hero, Paddler for Hope, Pocket Rocket; as well as the inflatable SUPs, including Inflatable Paddling for Hope, Inflatable Touring and Inflatable Touring Zen. Also available Starboard paddles, Waterman SUP packages, and many other accessories.

Free shipping on all Starboard SUP Boards in the UAE. Free international shipping on inflatable Starboard Stand Up Paddle Boards. Reduced shipping rates for Starboard epoxy SUP boards to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Egypt.