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Starboard Foil Freeride Wood Sandwich 2023


Manufacturers : Starboard

Starboard Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023

Introducing the Starboard Foil Freeride Wood Sandwich 2023, an iconic board that revolutionized the modern windsurfing era with its widestyle concept. Whether you’re a progressing windsurfer taking your first steps or an advanced rider perfecting those carve jibes, this board is designed to enhance your windsurfing experience.

Featuring advanced shapes and new sizes, the Starboard Foil Freeride combines the best of innovation and performance. The all-new Starlite construction ensures durability and optimal performance on the water. Get ready to embark on thrilling windsurfing adventures with confidence and control.

Designed with a Flat Vee and Double Concave bottom shape, this board offers improved control and comfort through harsh chop, smooth flowing jibes, and a lively ride. Its versatile Foil Box allows you to explore the exciting world of foiling, taking your windsurfing to new heights.

The Wood Sandwich construction, a Starboard original, brings together modern technology and timeless craftsmanship. With a 0.6mm Australian pine laminated deck and natural unidirectional fibers, this board delivers exceptional impact strength and responsive sensations. The lightweight 3mm PVC sandwich wrapping enhances durability, ensuring a classic feel underfoot.

Committed to reducing our carbon footprint, Starboard presents the Wood Sandwich version, designed with sustainability in mind. Crafted with 0.6mm Australian Pinewood over recyclable 3mm PET core foam, this board offers a great strength-to-weight ratio while being environmentally conscious.

The Starboard Foil Freeride Wood Sandwich 2023 is a versatile and dynamic board that caters to freeriders and racing enthusiasts alike. With a variety of model constructions and sail ranges available, you can tailor your windsurfing experience to your preferences. Prepare to unleash your full potential with this exceptional board.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a legendary windsurfing board that combines heritage, performance, and cutting-edge technology. Upgrade your windsurfing gear and elevate your skills with the Starboard Foil Freeride Wood Sandwich 2023. Experience windsurfing like never before and make the most out of every session on the water.

Starboard Carve Wood Sandwich 2023


The Carve 2023. Easy planing. Confident control. Autopilot jibes. One board. What else would you want?

Free Racing
Early Planning


The exciting new 2023 Carves deliver big on effortless planing, autopilot jibing and a controlled ride in any conditions. We never felt so accomplished about a board range. Each board individually shaped for the intended conditions and skill level. On the larger sizes, a long flat section makes for extra easy passive planing and a smooth ride to let you find the footstraps effortlessly. Midrange sizes carve like a small board, yet switching your stance and flipping the sail you have the confidence of a bigger board, thanks to a combination of thinned out rails towards the tail and thicker forward rails. The small sizes deliver a true sporty feel with higher top end speed and that extra bit of control you’ll need for windsurfing confidently in strong wind.



Look at that nose. Doesn’t it just look purposeful? But not only that, those concaves smooth impact and create more lift, improving planing performance in light wind.


Enhanced deck concave create a lower centre of gravity for the drive and power generated through the rig. Keeps the board stable and planted while blasting in rougher conditions and through jibes.


Optional inboard stance with middle position back footstrap, gives more control to the storm riders out there.


Inspired by our iSonic racing line new double-steps improve planing and acceleration.


Carefully refined underwater shape at the tail maximises earlier planing while reducing drag at higher top end speeds.


Easy passive planing without any effort. Extending the tail rocker flat section forward on the Carves allows an easier acceleration to a more natural planing threshold, whilst maintaining planing glide thru wind holes and reducing critical reliance on board trim.


The Drake Slick footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emitted during the manufacturing process is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance.

Carefully sourced with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel.

Under your feet the 10mm thick footpads with a diamond grooving pattern will provide the necessary grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.


Drake Freeride fin for great control. Blending flowing, natural turns with straight line efficiency and confidence, each Carve’s fin is carefully specified and optimised to enhance the exciting and responsive performance.

139 & 149 WS FOIL READY

The Carve 139 and 149 Wood Sandwich come with a Ready-To-Foil box. Carve 139 and 149 present a great one-board crossover option for advancing intermediates, alongside our more dedicated Foil Freeride and Foil X boards.




Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard’s trademark construction in 1995. Wood Technology remains a favourite for riders preferring more comfort, more control and the unique crisp feel of an original Starboard. It’s time to bring back this technology while reducing our CO2 footprint. Full wood sandwich lamination of 0.6mm Australian Pinewood over modern, recyclable 3mm PET core foam ensures durability and comfort in a good strength to weight ratio. Today’s wood is less visible in modern graphics; UV protected by fresh blue paint and stickers that compliment the natural grain with a really nice effect. A classy re-edition of a classic Starboard Original.



We developed the Starlite Carbon Construction to answer our quest for a construction that would combine four crucial factors: Performance, Durability, Value and Low Environmental Impact. The result is a great combination, delivering strongly on all four criteria with direct, responsive onwater feel and no compromise on your riding comfort.


Model Constructions Volume Length Width Tail Width Thickness Bottom Shape (Tail to Nose) Footstrap Rows Footstraps Fin Finbox Fin Range Sail Range Weight Wood Sandwich Weight Starlite Carbon
Carve 99 Wood Sandwich / Starlite Carbon 99 l 238 cm 64 cm 38.5 cm 12.3 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 34 Tuttle Box 4.0 – 7.0 6.92 kg 7.8 kg
Carve 109 Wood Sandwich / Starlite Carbon 109 l 238 cm 67 cm 41 cm 11.6 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 36 Tuttle Box 34 – 38 4.5 – 7.5 7.1 kg 8.0 kg
Carve 119 Wood Sandwich / Starlite Carbon 119 l 238 cm 71 cm 46.7 cm 11.7 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 38 Tuttle Box 36 – 40 5.0 – 8.0 7.5 kg 8.56 kg
Carve 129 Wood Sandwich / Starlite Carbon 129 l 238 cm 76 cm 48 cm 12.5 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 40 Tuttle Box 38 – 42 5.5 – 8.5 7.85 kg 8.75 kg
Carve 139 Wood Sandwich 139 l 240 cm 80 cm 51.3 cm 12.3 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 44 Foil Box (Wood) / Tuttle Box (Starlite) 42 – 46 6.0 – 9.0 8.54 kg 9.47 kg
Carve 149 Starlite Sandwich 139 l 240 cm 80 cm 51.6 cm 12.6 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 44 Foil Box (Wood) / Tuttle Box (Starlite) 42 – 46 6.0 – 9.0 8.94 kg 9.97 kg
Carve 159 Wood Sandwich / Starlite Sandwich 159 l 255 cm 81 cm 52.4 cm 12.8 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 46 Foil Box (Wood) / Tuttle Box (Starlite) 44 – 48 6.0 – 9.0 9.06 kg 10 kg
Carve 169 Wood Sandwich / Starlite Sandwich 169 l 258 cm 84 cm 54.7 cm 13.2 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave 3 4x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro Red Drake Freeride Power 48 Foil Box (Wood) / Tuttle Box (Starlite) 46 – 50 6.5 – 9.5 9.30 kg 10.33 kg

125l, 150l






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